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  • ​​MEDIATION:  We offer a number of mediation formats including traditional facilitative mediation, mediation with  active feedback, and mediation-arbitration.  Kevin mediates cases with parties and counsel and with parties who are not represented by counsel.

  • ARBITRATION:  Binding arbitration is available for those parties seeking an enforceable resolution that is less adversarial and less expensive than a contested hearing or trial.  The arbitration can be as informal as the parties wish.  Kevin favors the least formal process that also guarantees the due process rights of the parties.
  • SPECIAL MASTER Utilizing Rule 53 either by court order or by stipulation of the parties, Kevin will receive  evidence and present findings of fact and recommendations to the presiding Judge.
  • PRIVATE JUDGE:  Pursuant to Rule 122/C.R.S. 13-3-111, Kevin will conduct a hearing or trial as a retired/private judge.

For Special Master and Private Judge proceedings, hearing times are guaranteed, eliminating the risk of being bumped from the docket; a record is preserved by digital recording or court reporter; and the parties retain their appellate rights.